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Definitions of Some of the Rebuildable Industry Terms We Use
Rebuildable Salvage Cars Repairable Salvage Cars Salvage Vehicle
Rebuildable Dealer Wrecked Vehicles Repairable Vehicles
Rebuildable Salvage Titled Vehicles Damaged Vehicles

Salvage Cars

Each year, thousands of cars are damaged in accidents, floods, or during thefts. After damage, car leasing companies consider these vehicles too damaged to repair due to the estimated time to repair them and refer to them as Salvage Cars or Rebuildable Salvage Titled Vehicles.

Lease companies figure the cost or value of their salvage cars based on the total cost to repair the vehicle. After a price is determined, these salvage cars are sold at special auctions to salvage companies or rebuildable vehicle dealers, which reuse the vehicle’s parts or sell the vehicle to be repaired if it can be safely done.

Sometimes rebuildable salvage dealers sell repaired salvage cars at greatly reduced rates; Oftentimes, salvage companies fix the cost of restructured automobiles well below the actual blue book rate; moreover, while the consumer is receiving a great deal, they should be sure the vehicle is repaired by a reputable body shop.

Some unscrupulous companies sell these salvage cars in different states so they cannot be tracked as being "salvage cars". We at AutoKeen's always buy our vehicles direct form the auction, and we only sell vehicles from our 45,000 sq ft warehouse in Elizabethton, Tennessee.

With AutoKeen, you always know what you're getting. Our vehicles are sold "as is" - nothing is hidden from our customers... the pictures aren't pretty, but they're honest representations of the salvage cars you'll be buying. We will be glad to do a "walk around the vehicle" with you on the telephone to help you decide on the right vehicle for you.

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