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Definitions of Some of the Rebuildable Industry Terms We Use
Rebuildable Salvage Cars Repairable Salvage Cars Salvage Vehicle
Rebuildable Dealer Wrecked Vehicles Repairable Vehicles
Rebuildable Salvage Titled Vehicles Damaged Vehicles

Rebuildable Salvage Title Vehicle

Salvage vehicles are those that have been damaged in accidents, floods, or thefts and sold by insurance or leasing companies to rebuildable vehicle dealers. If the condition of these damaged automobiles is repairable, sometimes the title's issuing State issues a special title and the vehicles are referred to as Rebuildable Salvage Titled vehicles.

Rebuildable Salvage Titled Vehicles can be repaired at a tremendous savings to you. Rebuildable salvage vehicles have often incurred some damage to wheels, tires, windows, lights, and doors. Major damage includes engine damage, oil pan damage, and rear end damage. While this damage can be somewhat costly to repair, rebuildable salvage vehicles can be returned to like-new condition for a total cost way below blue book value. If fixed properly, these automobiles are as safe and attractive as any car on the road.

Numerous salvage companies and salvage car buyers deal with these cars, providing late model cars at the lowest possible prices.

In Tennessee, and other states, you simply take "before" and "after repair" photos, and save your parts receipts with the VIN of the vehicle they were removed from or the receipt for any new parts and send them into the State's DMV and the State will issue a "Rebuilt" title allowing the vehicle to be tagged and insured and legally driven on the road. Mostly this procedure is to prevent theft vehicles from being re-titled and illegally re-sold. Please check with your local DMV for details. Cars2Fix.com will make available to you all photos we have of your vehicle to help you with the "before" photos.

Cars2Fix.com serves as a venue for individuals and companies interested in purchasing both "good" and "rebuildable salvage" titled vehicles. We provide pictures, descriptions, and seller contact information for all of our automobiles.

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