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Definitions of Some of the Rebuildable Industry Terms We Use
Rebuildable Salvage Cars Repairable Salvage Cars Salvage Vehicle
Rebuildable Dealer Wrecked Vehicles Repairable Vehicles
Rebuildable Salvage Titled Vehicles Damaged Vehicles

Rebuildable Dealer

Traditionally, there have been two methods of purchasing damaged vehicles; you contacted a dealer and had him go to an auto auction or you did it yourself. This brief article discusses the advantages of using a dealership, or  rebuildable automobile dealer.

There are several types of dealerships:

Independent - deals in only used and maybe some repairable vehicles.
Franchise - deals in both used and new vehicles.
Wholesale - deals with wholesale vehicles that are seldom damaged so they can ensure a fast turnaround.

Rebuildable automobile dealers are individuals or companies who communicate between insurance and lease companies and vehicle purchasers. For all intensive purposes, they act as agents during the vehicle purchasing process.

A reliable rebuildable automobile dealer thinks in favor of the consumer and advocates for you when selecting vehicles that can be safely and easily repaired so the buyer can repair the vehicle and confidently re-sell it  and make a modest profit or simply drive it themselves. Unfortunately, because many dealers get a percentage of the total sale, some rebuildable vehicle dealerships may not always act in the best interest of consumers. However, many dealers are trustworthy and act in your best interest. AutoKeen has been dealing in wrecked vehicle resale for over 20 years and has a good reputation among body shops and individuals. We have many happy repeat customers. We always deal with you in good faith and will answer all questions to the best of our ability.

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