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Definitions of Some of the Rebuildable Industry Terms We Use
Rebuildable Salvage Cars Repairable Salvage Cars Salvage Vehicle
Rebuildable Dealer Wrecked Vehicles Repairable Vehicles
Rebuildable Salvage Titled Vehicles Damaged Vehicles

Rebuildable Cars

Rebuildable Cars are vehicles that have been damaged in floods, thefts, collisions, or fires.

After receiving "rebuildable salvage" titles, these vehicles are handled by insurance companies, which often sell these repairable salvage cars to salvage companies or put them up for public auction, where individuals and companies can purchase them and later repair the cars for themselves or for resale. The sale of these vehicles is regulated. As a result, some states require before and after photos to title them. We save ALL the photos we take of our vehicles so if you ever need the "before" photos we will provide them to you on our website for you to print free of charge. In Tennessee, and other states, you simply take some "after repair" photos, and save your parts receipts with the VIN of the vehicle they were removed from or the receipt for any new parts and send them into the State's DMV and  the State will issue a "Rebuilt" title allowing the vehicle to be tagged and insured. Please check with your local DMV for details. Cars2Fix.com will make available to you all photos we have of your vehicle to help you with the "before" photos.

If properly conducted, the purchase and sale of these vehicles can be immensely lucrative for sellers and safe for consumers.

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